Mapillary Traffic Sign Dataset

Datarows: 105,830

The Mapillary Traffic Sign Dataset is the world’s largest and most diverse publicly available traffic sign dataset for teaching machines to detect and recognize traffic signs. The dataset consists of 100,000 images from all over the world, with high variability in everything from weather and time of day to camera sensors and viewpoints.

More than 300 different traffic sign classes have been verified and annotated, resulting in more than 320,000 labeled traffic signs across the images. Over 52,000 images have been fully verified and annotated by humans, with the remaining images annotated partially, using our computer vision technology.

Specifically, the dataset consists of 100,000 high-resolution images (52,000 fully annotated, 48,000 partially annotated); over 300 traffic sign classes with bounding box annotations; a variety of weather, seasons, times of day, cameras, and viewpoints.

Learn more about the Mapillary Traffic Sign Dataset here.