Contributors: Chao Zhong
Datarows: 798

NWPU VHR-10 (VHR-10_dataset_coco) dataset is a challenging ten-class geospatial object detection dataset. This dataset contains a total of 800 VHR optical remote sensing images, where 715 color images were acquired from Google Earth with the spatial resolution ranging from 0.5 to 2 m, and 85 pansharpened color infrared images were acquired from Vaihingen data with a spatial resolution of 0.08 m.

The data set is divided into two sets: a) Positive image set which contains at least one target in an image contains 650 images. b) Negative image set contains 150 images and it does not contain any targets. From this the positive image set, 757 airplanes, 302 ships, 655 storage tanks, 390 baseball diamonds, 524 tennis courts, 159 basketball courts, 163 ground track fields, 224 harbors, 124 bridges, and 477 vehicles were manually annotated with bounding boxes and instance masks used for ground truth.

Learn more about the dataset here.

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