The world’s best geospatial AI solution

Unlock the true value of your images with a data engine that's engineered for speed and accuracy. Anticipate and adapt to what your model needs with the most flexible annotations tools.

The world’s best geospatial AI solution
Annotate geospatial maps

Label directly on geospatial maps

Geospatial AI spans from object detection to change detection and the best AI pipelines are built around geospatial data. Labelbox fully supports all major formats of tiled imagery, with native support for cloud optimized GeoTIFFs (COG), standard GeoTIFFs and National Image Transmission Format (NITF) files. No preprocessing needed; simply provide the image URL and Labelbox handles the rest.

Annotate geospatial automation

Label faster than ever with automation

Achieve up to 80% in labeling efficiency gains with model-assisted labeling – use models to pre-label data, and let humans focus on corrective actions to generate ground truth so they don’t need to start from scratch.

Annotate geospatial with more context

Create better labels with more context

Bring additional attachments such as text, videos, images, overlays or even custom HTML widgets to aid data labelers to create perfect labels. Labelbox geospatial editor even allows you to import multiple coregistered layers obtained using multi-spectral sensors.

Annotate geospatial standard in labeling

The standard in geospatial data labeling

With a focus on speed, simplicity and use case diversity, this is simply the most powerful geospatial labeling tool on the planet. It's also the most intuitive. Supports bounding boxes, polygons, points, lines, segmentation, relationships, classifications, hierarchical classes and more.

Annotate geospatial labeling teams

Access the world’s best labeling teams at a click of a button

Access the world’s best data labeling teams to label your data on demand, at scale. The data labeling teams are specialized in geospatial use-cases, in both public or classified environments.

Annotate geospatial toolset

Your toolset to find and fix errors

Easily search for geospatial data using filters such as annotation, metadata, and similarity embeddings to prioritize geospatial to label or create review tasks to fix issues that matter the most.

Testimonial Cape Analytics

“There are many geospatial labeling tools out there but the Labelbox backend is the real differentiator. With dynamic queueing, our labelers are never out of work, which was a major upgrade compared to our old internal tools — both from a productivity and speed-to-production point of view.”

Sheetanshu Pandey


Cape Analytics