Label with surgical precision

A complete solution for labeling medical imagery to power AI breakthroughs in healthcare. Effortlessly label your medical assets including pathology scans, images, videos, and more.

Label with surgical precision
Annotate medical imagery pathology scans

View and label whole slide pathology scans

Labelbox natively supports large scale tiled imagery formats for medical professionals to label pathology data. Annotation support includes bounding boxes, polygons, points, lines, segmentation, relationships, classifications, hierarchical classes and more.

Annotate medical imagery faster

Label data faster than ever

Achieve up to 80% in labeling efficiency gains with model-assisted labeling – use models to pre-label data, and let humans focus on corrective actions to generate ground truth so they don’t need to start from scratch.

Annotate medical imagery more context

Create better labels with more context

Bring additional attachments such as text, videos, images, overlays or even custom HTML widgets to aid labelers in creating high-quality labels.

Annotate medical imagery teams

Partner with the best labeling teams and experts

Access world’s best data labeling teams to label your data on demand, at scale. The data labeling teams are specialized in use-cases including healthcare and life sciences.

Annotate medical imagery filters toolset

Your toolset to find and fix errors

Easily search for medical data using filters such as annotation, metadata, and similarity embeddings to prioritize data to label or create review tasks to fix issues that matter the most.