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Introducing Boost AI

Boost AI is a curated set of solution engagements that ensure customer-defined results using the Labelbox platform. We identify, map and prescribe the best journey based on your maturity, priorities and data.

Current solution engagements include:

Purpose-built interfaces

AI pipeline engineering

Custom model development

Accelerate business outcomes with a data-centric platform for building intelligent applications

Harness the power of purpose-built interfaces

Harness the power of purpose-built interfaces

Unlock complex use cases for video comparison, 3D objects, multi-step image labeling, ranking assets, and more. All by using the Labelbox custom HTML editor.

Save time by accessing our in-house experts who will help you design, implement, and iterate on your unique use case for maximum performance and scalability.

Featured use case

Featured use case

Quickly evaluate the performance of multiple foundation models for video captioning by comparing model outputs side by side.

Deliver market leading models for computer vision & LLMs faster

Deliver market leading models for computer vision & LLMs faster

Leverage our in-house team of experts to accelerate the development of purpose-built models based on your unique goals and target end-state.

Labelbox works hand in hand with our customers on the entire process which includes:

  • Use-case planning, project set up and task design

  • Measurable KPIs with target efficiencies

  • Annotation via Boost Workforce and AI-assisted labeling

  • Model selection and optimizing model training 

  • Expert service offerings to address gaps

Build end-to-end pipelines for seamless AI development

Architect critical automation workflows and connect complementary technologies that you already use (e.g., Databricks, GCP, etc) for faster time to value and lower cost of ownership. 

Deliver end-to-end solutions that streamline your entire AI pipeline: from data ingestion/integrations to scaling and improving AI applications in production.