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Boost Workforce Express

High-quality labels delivered within a day

Boost Express delivers you the essential human layer needed for your AI projects. Access proficient workforce teams to label the data you need with rapid turnaround times. Match up with the best team for the job - all you have to do is head over to Annotate and select the projects you need labeling for.
Boost express

Trusted by companies of all sizes — from startups to Fortune 500s

Lightning fast turnaround times

Lightning fast turnaround times

Need a quick turnaround? Set up your labeling project and add a workforce team through the app in minutes. Get a preliminary batch of labeled data as fast as the next business day.

Match the best workforce for your needs

Match the best workforce for your needs

Focus your time and resources on building and improving your models instead of searching for vendors. We match you with the best workforce team for your specific needs. We have built our ecosystem to get you the right labeling workforce for rapid turnaround times.

Easily manage everything from rapid experiments to quality assurance

Easily manage everything from rapid experiments to quality assurance

The days of managing label quality via spreadsheets and hard drives are behind us.  Get the full benefits of Labelbox and streamline your labeling pipeline while automating your QA workflows. Leverage our platform to scale your labeling output by seamlessly collaborating between your domain experts, labelers and data scientists.  

JPL testimonial

Labelbox Boost has been a game-changer for us. We needed a workforce that could deliver fast turnaround with quality labels, and a powerful platform that we could use for years to come. Boost exceeded all of our expectations and helped us create significant improvements in our model.”

Jake Lee, Data Scientist

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory