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Access the world's best data labeling services

Access the best Enterprise-level data labeling services with specialized expertise that matches your use cases. Collaborate with the workforce in real-time to maintain high data quality while keeping human labeling costs to a minimum using AI and automation techniques.

All supported by the world’s most powerful data engine for AI, Labelbox.

Trusted by companies of all sizes — from startups to Fortune 500s

Labeling and annotation solutions that let you do more

Expert labeling teams designed for your use case

Every industry has nuanced training data workflows, so we carefully curate labeling teams and match your project with labelers who are already well-versed.

Complete project telemetry

Detailed workforce performance dashboards to track throughput, efficiency, and quality at the project and labeler level.

Expert guidance every step of the way

Targeted support from our team of ML experts. Whether it's designing effective ontologies or creating precision workflows—we help you create smarter, more efficient labeling operations.

JPL testimonial

Labelbox Boost has been a game-changer for us. We needed a workforce that could deliver fast turnaround with quality labels, and a powerful platform that we could use for years to come. Boost exceeded all of our expectations and helped us create significant improvements in our model.”

Jake Lee, Data Scientist

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Under the hood

Our industry-leading approach is designed to take you from initiation to production-scale labeling in just a few days.




Set up your project directly in the Labelbox platform and our team of ML experts will help optimize your ontology, create workflow design and data instructions, and get you started with a world-class labeling team.




Our world-class labeling partners have subject matter expertise ranging from agriculture and fashion to medical and life sciences and are proficient in over 20 languages. Regardless of your use case, we’re here to help, and we have experienced teams available on-demand.

Go-live and monitor


Go-live and monitor

Once calibrated, your project is ready to launch. Your dedicated labeling workforce team will generate lightning-fast labels at scale, with industry-leading quality that’s trusted by some of the world’s most high-performing organizations.




With the Labelbox platform, you get unparalleled precision and control to manage efficient QA workflows, seamlessly communicate with labelers, and monitor important project telemetry every step of the way. Immediately identify labeling issues as they happen and understand the context of why they are happening—so you can avoid labeling delays and reduce unnecessary costs.




Unlike a traditional service provider, our team of experts monitors your projects to make sure quality stays high as new edge cases and outliers emerge. We make sure each batch of labeled data is optimized for efficiency and quality so you can consistently improve your ML model performance with each iteration.