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Experience the next level of data labeling service with direct access to curated data labeling teams for your projects in any expert domain or popular languages. Set new standards in quality and throughput at half the cost. 

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Trusted by companies of all sizes — from startups to Fortune 500s

Unmatched industry performance


Labelbox configures multi-step workflows with expert AI trainers, AI feedback and automated quality controls to produce quality data at scale


Supercharge your data labeling or evaluation pipeline by a global and exclusive community of expert AI trainers who are intentionally curated for your entire life of the project.


Take complete control of the data factory with detailed performance dashboards that track throughput, screen activity time, and quality at a granular level

Go from an idea to production data stream in days

Go from an idea to production data stream in days

From rapid prototyping and experimentation to production scale workloads, Labelbox helps AI labs produce more than 50 million monthly annotations across its customers.


An exclusive community of AI training experts

Alignerr, operated by Labelbox is a community of subject matter experts from several disciplines who align AI models by creating high-quality data in their field of expertise. The community spans nearly every major discipline of sciences, industries and languages, worldwide.

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Labelbox has enabled us to dramatically improve our model performance for our most critical AI initiatives by tapping into their network of expert labelers and  platform for human evaluation. In the past two months, our document intelligence teams are seeing a 2X increase in data quality compared to other vendors. We continue to work with Labelbox to further enhance our genAI capabilities and to hit our development timelines.

Under the hood

Our industry-leading approach is designed to take you from initiation to production-scale labeling in just a few days.




Set up your project directly in the Labelbox platform and our team of ML experts will help optimize your ontology, create workflow design and data instructions, and get you started with a world-class labeling team.




We curate a dedicated labeling team from Alignerr, our global community of data labeling experts. We strive to provide initial results from a calibration batch within 24 hours. Training and iteration continue until the desired quality threshold is achieved.

Production launch and monitor


Production launch and monitor

Once calibrated, your project is ready to launch. Your dedicated labeling team will generate lightning-fast labels at scale, with industry-leading quality that’s trusted by leading AI builders.

Real time collaboration


Real time collaboration

With the Labelbox platform, you get unparalleled precision and control to manage efficient QA workflows, seamlessly communicate with labelers, and monitor important project telemetry every step of the way. Immediately identify labeling issues as they happen and understand the context of why they are happening—so you can avoid labeling delays and reduce unnecessary costs.

Iterative finetuning


Iterative finetuning

Unlike a traditional service provider, our team of experts monitors your projects to make sure quality stays high as new edge cases and outliers emerge. We make sure each batch of labeled data is optimized for efficiency and quality so you can consistently improve your ML model performance with each iteration.