Curate training data that matters

All of your data at your fingertips

You need quick access to all your data in one place, whether or not it’s labeled. Search for data across all projects and datasets using filters for annotation class, metadata, or media attributes. No need for an engineer to write one-off query scripts just to find data.

Find your most valuable data

Curate data that will more measurably improve model performance or correct class imbalances. After identifying low-performing classes, use Similarity Search to find and prioritize high-impact data for labeling.

Add prioritized data directly to the labeling queue

Streamline your labeling pipeline by sending high-impact data directly to the labeling queue in one click without leaving the platform. No need to move data between datasets or modify your project settings.

Accelerate iteration velocity through collaboration

Don’t let searching for data and edge cases slow your team down or hold up conversations with stakeholders or customers. Instead of relying on one-off query scripts, search and discover data faster with Catalog.