LabelboxAugust 13, 2020

Labelbox August Updates

We are back with another exciting round of updates from the past month!

Annotate long-duration video

We’ve made a number of performance optimizations to the video editor to improve reliability! You can now annotate even longer videos with more complexity while maintaining speed, precision, and stability. Learn more about video.

Import classification predictions

Annotation Imports now support global and object classifications! All classification types are supported, enabling more powerful workflows for your model, and faster labeling time. See how to import classifications.

Apply Benchmarks and Consensus to classifications

Our quality assurance tools—Benchmarks and Consensus—now calculate values for both global and nested classifications, giving you more visibility into the accuracy and quality of your labeled data. Dropdown, checklist, and radio classifications are currently supported. Learn more about Benchmarks and Consensus in our documentation.

Select custom colors during ontology configuration

The editor now supports custom color inputs for ontologies by using your browser’s native color picker. Color code your annotations with more options than ever before!