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Your guide to visualizing complexity

The multitrack timeline beautifully organizes all your annotations so you can visualize them together in a single snapshot, helping your teams label and review faster. Jump to specific frame numbers, navigate from frame to frame with hotkeys, and scrub through video with the interactive timeline and playhead. The editor is built from the ground up for the complexity and intricacies of annotating videos.

visualizing complexity

Quickly annotate with precision

When you apply annotations to keyframes, Labelbox fills in the gaps using linear interpolation so you don’t need to adjust every frame manually. And, for more context, you can select groups of frames and apply nested classifications in an instant.

Keep track of what matters

Smart object tracking uses unique IDs to keep an eye on objects even if they leave and reenter the frame or get blocked from view.

Capture more detail with segmentation masks

Use the video segmentation tool to create pixel-perfect annotations of the best example of an object or concept in a video, like manufacturing defects on a production line or key anatomical features in a medical scan or procedure. Copy and paste masks across frames to create and edit even faster.

Accelerate your AI into production

Our video tool is part of the most powerful training data platform available, allowing you to reliably manage your data and quickly iterate on labeling projects so you can get to production faster.

  • Sports analytics
  • Ultrasonography
  • Driver safety

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