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Quickly annotate with precision

Labelbox’s intuitive design lets you annotate quickly, easily, and accurately by applying linear interpolation to fill gaps between keyframes, and you can apply nested classifications with granularity frame by frame or in bulk.

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Keep track of what matters

Smart object tracking uses unique IDs to keep an eye on objects even if they leave and reenter the frame or get blocked from view.

Accelerate your AI into production

Our video tool is part of the most powerful training data platform available, allowing you to reliably manage your data and quickly iterate on labeling projects so you can get to production faster.

Sports analytics

Traditional sports and esports are utilizing computer vision to understand and classify every action without any human intervention. Labelbox is used by various teams for real-time and batch processing training data pipeline.


Ultrasonography is the primary imaging modality for identifying and characterizing ovarian masses. Companies use Labelbox to build computer vision to differentiate benign and malignant ovarian masses.

Driver safety

Dual-facing dash cams are used by the trucking industry to record critical events such as collisions. Companies use Labelbox to build models that identify important patterns such as driver distraction and causes of front-facing collisions.

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