How to set up a delegated access integration between Azure Blob Storage & Labelbox

At Labelbox, we believe that your data should stay your data. We give all users the option to integrate their cloud buckets via IAM Delegated Access.

The Azure Delegated Access integration allows you to keep your data rows in Azure Blob Storage while being able to work with it in the Labelbox platform.

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  • Data will be represented as signed ephemeral URLs in the Labelbox platform and be securely rendered in our Catalog, Annotate, and Models products.
  • This allows you to keep your bucket private and secure while annotating, searching, and diagnosing model performance on datasets.
  • Keep in mind that you will need Admin permissions in Azure to complete this integration.

Delegated Access allows you to securely and seamlessly host your unlabeled data in your preferred cloud storage provider while providing Labelbox with the limited access necessary so you can view and label your data in Labelbox. This allows you to use native Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles and policies to control access.

You can learn more about IAM Delegated Access or the integration with Azure Blob Storage in our documentation.