Build the world’s best language models with ease

Combine the power of a data engine with text labeling tools to quickly tag text strings, conversations, paragraphs and more.

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Language is nuanced. Your AI models should be too.

Create bespoke language experiences with powerful models. Generate ground truth for these models using our powerful text editor that supports classifications, entity recognition, relationships on raw text snippets or threaded conversations.


Purpose built for cutting-edge text

Whether you are working with raw text snippets or are developing conversational AI like chatbots, combine the power of our text editor with the benefits of a training data platform to get the most insights from your text.


Label faster than ever with automation

Achieve up to 80% in labeling efficiency gains with model-assisted labeling – use models to pre-label data, and let humans focus on corrective actions to generate ground truth so they don’t need to start from scratch.


Optimize time and costs with auto labeling

Using dynamic filters operating on the content, metadata, or text embeddings, automatically add a label on matching results at scale and queue them for human review.


Partner with the best labeling teams and linguists

Access the world’s best data labeling teams to label your data on demand, at scale. We offer support in numerous domains, including content moderation in over 20 languages.


Your toolset to find and fix errors

Easily search for text data using filters such as annotation, metadata, and similarity embeddings to prioritize text snippets to label or create review tasks to fix issues that matter the most.