Work at the speed of thought

Unlock the true value of your images with a training data platform that's engineered for speed and accuracy. Anticipate and adapt to what your model needs with the most flexible annotations tools.

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image segmentation

Image segmentation

Draw masks on images with ergonomic drawing tools and a configurable editor.

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Image classification

Match your labels to your ontology with customizable classification tools.

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image classification
object detection

Object detection

Quickly identify objects with powerful vector labeling tools.

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Make every annotation count

Engineered to help with every step of your image labeling workflow, see how a training data platform allows you to more quickly create and manage training data.

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  • Designed for maximum flexibility

    Tailor annotations to your use case with vector geometry, classifications, asset metadata, relationships, and more.

  • Pixel-perfect control

    Use hotkeys, Superpixel, and fine-tuned drawing tools to create complex masks and shapes at lightning speed.

  • Comprehensive quality assurance

    Ensure annotation accuracy at scale with consensus, benchmarks, and custom review workflows.

edward kim

Edward Kim
Head of labeling operations, Sharper Shape

With the streamlined design of Labelbox, we are able to cut costs on labeling by as much as 50% while maintaining the highest quality in our training data, and get to training our models faster.