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This is the PaLM 2 chat-bison model by Google. The chat-bison model is a large language model that excels at language understanding, language generation, and conversations. This chat model is fine-tuned to conduct natural multi-turn conversations.

The PaLM 2 for chat is ideal for text tasks that require back-and-forth interactions. For text tasks that can be completed with one API response (without the need for a continuous conversation), we recommend using 'PaLM 2 for text'.

Intended Use

The PaLM 2 chat-bison model is optimized for multi-turn chat, where the model keeps track of previous messages in the chat and uses it for context for generating new responses. The model is optimized for natural language tasks, such as chatbots, and can generate text in a conversational format.

  1. Text in, text out.

  2. Generates text in a conversational format.

  3. Optimized for natural language tasks like chat bots or help agents.

  4. Can handle zero, one, and few-shot tasks (you provide no examples, one example, or several examples to inform model inference).


PaLM 2 excels at tasks such as advanced reasoning, translation, and code generation, making it suitable for a variety of use cases across industries.


The limitations of PaLM 2 include the potential for toxicity and bias – researchers found that of all the times PaLM 2 responded with prompts incorrectly, 38.2% of the time it “reinforced a harmful social bias”.

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