Boost conversion with hyper-personalized shopping experiences

Today's consumers demand seamless omnichannel experiences. They expect ultra-relevant recommendations and visually appealing product matches.

Labelbox offers powerful AI capabilities so you can grow your conversion rate, AOV, and CLV. 

Retail personalization

Customer spotlight

A Global 2000 e-commerce company was looking for a standardized platform to centralize all of their machine learning initiatives. Data quality and quality assurance workflows was paramount for improving their Visual Search and Product Recommendations models, with the end goal of improving on-site engagement and conversion rates. By using Labelbox, the company was able to accelerate product development by over 3 quarters with an end-to-end workflow that automated dataset creation and management through a programatic (SDK)-driven approach.

Recommend products shoppers will add to cart

Recommend products shoppers will add to cart

Build sophisticated product recommendation engines that analyze individual shopper behavior and transaction history to determine the products they are most likely to purchase. Labelbox offers intuitive workflows to annotate product catalogs, customer conversations, and other data needed to quickly build powerful recommendation models that boost engagement and conversion across channels.

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Deliver visually appealing product matches

Deliver visually appealing product matches

Complement personalized recommendations with AI-powered visual merchandising that automatically identifies products in images and suggests aesthetically similar or complementary items in real-time. Catalog integrates seamlessly with your data stores, and automatically generates embeddings and labels for product images, digital catalogs, and inventory data required, so you may quickly create models that deliver the perfect matching products.

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Accelerate AI alignment

Combine model assisted labeling and human expertise to quickly prepare data for training, testing and validation.


Rapidly integrate data, create quality training data, and deploy models to production.

Generate high quality datasets

Optimize custom labeling and review workflows to ensure the highest quality data for model training and fine-tuning.

Maintain data privacy & security

Keep full ownership, transparency, and control over your data throughout the AI development process.