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Get to production AI faster with the right level of functionality and services to accelerate your AI initiatives. All plans include active learning products for annotating data, diagnosing model performance, and prioritizing based on results.
  • Free

    Small teams and individuals looking to test Labelbox capabilities or validate early-stage experiments

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    • Support for image, video, text, and audio data

    • Model-assisted labeling (limited)

    • Model diagnostics (limited)

    • Data catalog (limited)

    • Automated task distribution

    • Collaboration across teams

    • API access (rate limited)

    • Performance dashboards

    • Up to 10,000 annotations

  • Pro

    Midsize teams increasing their throughput and efficiencies in need of a training data platform at the center of their ML Ops.

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    Everything in Free, plus:

    • Robust QA & collaboration capabilities

    • Unlimited API access

    • Expanded team access

    • Expanded customer support

    • Video segmentation tool

    • Medical imagery editor

    • Tiled imagery editor

  • Enterprise

    Companies managing multiple AI initiatives in need of the most fully featured platform to accelerate production of AI

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    Everything in Pro, plus:

    • Unlimited seats

    • Single sign-on

    • Advanced queue customization

    • Premium customer support

    • Multiple workspaces

    • Enterprise dashboards

    • 500,000 included annotations

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Labelbox can provide professional labeling teams and help you manage project throughput, efficiency, and quality. Our labeling operations team can support building your labeling pipeline, designing your ontologies, and training labeling teams. Services are available for Pro and Enterprise plans.
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Free for education

Labelbox is free to use for those who attend and teach at qualified educational institutions to use for non-commercial research.
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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I use Labelbox for outsourced data labeling?

    Yes. Labelbox provides fully managed labeling services. To get started, simply share your project with the managed workforce provider of your choice. For sharing projects, no additional seat licenses are used, however, you must have a paid account to use outsourcing.

  • Can I use Labelbox with my internal team?

    Labelbox is an enterprise solution for all of your team's training data needs, helping your team scale your data labeling process, manage the quality of training data, and improve the performance of machine learning model predictions.

  • How is my data handled by Labelbox?

    The Labelbox Terms of Use describes how Labelbox handles your data. In summary, the data you store on Labelbox is always owned by you, and Labelbox does not share your data with any third party. Under the hood, Labelbox uses Google Cloud Platform to securely host your data.

    Labelbox maintains SOC2 Type II certification and is HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

  • Does Labelbox have a security program in place?

    At Labelbox, the security of our customers’ data is a top priority. Our ever-expanding privacy and security program is informed by both industry standards and customer needs across a multitude of industries. Our customers can rely on Labelbox’s enterprise-grade security to support and enable breakthroughs for their machine learning teams and AI applications. For more details, please learn more here.

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  • Free
  • Image editor

  • Text editor

  • Audio editor

  • Video editor

  • Video segmentation tool

  • Medical imagery editor

  • Tiled imagery editor

  • Model-assisted Labeling


  • Model diagnostics


  • Catalog


  • IAM Delegated Access

  • Benchmark & Consensus

  • Performance dashboard

  • Automated queuing

  • Issues & Comments

  • Role-based access controls

  • API access

  • Queue customization

  • SSO


  • Enterprise dashboards


  • Multiple workspaces