Plans and pricing

Choose the plan that's right for you and your team. Our offerings are designed to meet your needs today and give you flexibility as you grow.


For individuals exploring and preparing datasets.

Get started with:

  • Access to all products - Catalog, Annotate, Model

  • Similarity and vector search

  • Multi-modal data annotation

  • Model error analysis

  • Boost Workforce Express on-demand labeling

500 LBUs per monthTry for free


Perfect for teams building their first intelligent application.

Includes everything in Free, plus:

  • Unlimited users, projects & ontologies

  • Custom labeling & review workflows

  • Project performance dashboard

  • Model assisted labeling (MAL) with foundation models

  • Access to Foundry Apps

$0.10 per LBUTry for free


Data-centric AI platform for teams building multiple intelligent applications.

Includes everything in Starter, plus:

  • Multiple workspaces

  • Advanced analytics

  • Security & compliance add-ons

  • Access to Boost Workforce and Boost AI services

  • Enterprise support with priority SLAs

  • Dedicated technical support & contact channels

  • Custom MSA

Volume discounts availableContact sales

Only pay for what you use

Labelbox Units (LBUs) are consumed based on each asset or data row used within each product. See the rate table below for how various data types are consumed. Use the sliders below to estimate the cost of your LBU consumption.

Monthly charge
1 LBU per 60 Data Rows10k LBUs $8.33 /mo

How much data do you have?

5K Rows

One-time charge
1 LBU per labeled Data Row0 LBUs$0.00

% to be labeled


One-time charge
1 LBU per 5 Data Rows0 LBUs$0.00

% with predictions


Need help aligning your model?

Labelbox offers Boost Workforce and Boost Workforce Express for on-demand labeling services. We also offer Boost AI services for tailored AI solutions including purpose-built interfaces, pipeline engineering and custom model development.

These estimates are based on volume of basic data types using the Starter rate of $0.10 per LBU. Additional charges for model inferencing may vary. All charges are billed monthly based on actual usage. No payment required before signing up.

Labelbox Units

Your LBU consumption varies based on the type of data in each data row. Note that LBUs for Annotate and Model are only charged once per data row. LBUs for Catalog are charged monthly.

Data row type


( Charged monthly )


( Charged One-time )


( Charged One-time )






Document (per page)

1 LBU per 60 Data Rows

1 LBU per labeled Data Row

1 LBU per 5 Data Rows


1 LBU per 60 Data Rows + 1 LBU per 5000 frames

1 LBU per labeled Data Row + 1 LBU per 150 frames

1 LBU per 5 Data Rows + 1 LBU per 1500 frames

Geospatial & Medical Tiled Imagery

1 LBU per 6 Data Row

4 LBU per labeled Data Row

1 LBU per Data Row


1 LBU per 6 Data Row

2 LBU per labeled Data Row

1 LBU per 2 Data Rows

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Platform & Add-ons


500 per month

$0.10 per LBU

Volume discounts available


Up to 30







Additional workspaces






Similarity search

Find similar data with embeddings

Annotation & metadata metrics

Distributions to better understand your data

Pre-computed embeddings

Use provided embeddings to query and explore your unstructured data

Querying and slices

To search & filter for data rows in Catalog


Add metadata to tag a set of data rows

Custom embeddings

Use custom embeddings to query and explore your unstructured data


Project Management


Up to 50




Contains all of the information to render a set of features and the relationships between them

Up to 25



Bulk classification

Amount of unlabeled data you can bulk classify from Catalog to Annotate

Project Performance Dashboard

Reports on the throughput, efficiency, and quality of the labeling process

Advanced Analytics

A global view of all of your labeling operations and activity across all of your Labelbox projects


Model-assisted labeling

Import pre-labels from your model or a model of your choice on an asset

Auto-labeling tools

Generate mask predictions with our image auto-segment tool

Quality Control & Assurance

Custom labeling & review workflows

Create a highly-customizable review pipeline with up to 10 custom tasks


Data & model parameters versioning

Create, version, and track your hyperparameters and any training-related configurations for a model run

Model metrics (F1, IoU, precision, recall, and more)

Use our built-in metrics or upload your own custom metrics to measure the quality of your model

Foundry (Add-on)

Open source + proprietary models

Varies by model

Varies by model

Custom endpoints

Bulk discounts


Labeling services

Boost Workforce Express

Boost Workforce Express

Boost Workforce

Project type

CV, Docs, Text (English only)

All project types

Labeling solutions portal

Managed service

Monthly invoicing

Bulk discounts


Community support

Customer Support portal access

Response time (SLA)

24 hours

1 hour

Solutions Architect access

Named Customer Success Manager

Private Slack integration

Proactive platform alerts

Free for research and educaion

Labelbox is free to use for those who attend and teach at qualified educational institutions to use for non-commercial research.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is an LBU?

    A Labelbox Unit (LBU) is a normalized unit of data in the Labelbox Platform. A data row represents an asset and all of its relevant information.

    For basic data rows like text, images, chat conversation, JSON, and Audio, an LBU is equivalent to one or more data rows depending on which Labelbox product being used: Catalog, Annotate, and Model. 

    • One (1) basic data row labeled in Annotate is equal to one (1) LBU – no matter how many labels or annotations are created, deleted, or re-labeled on that one (1) data row 

    • Five (5) basic data rows in Model are equal to one (1) LBU – no matter how many predictions or model runs are associated with those data rows

    • Sixty (60) basic data rows in Catalog are equal to one (1) LBU every month

    More complex data rows can vary in LBU consumption, please refer to the table on this page to understand how LBU consumption varies based on data row type.

  • How does Labelbox calculate LBUs?

    You are billed at the end of each month based on the number of LBU your team accrues during the period. Annotate and Model LBU are only charged for new data rows used during the period. Catalog LBU are charged monthly for all data rows in Labelbox. Please refer to our pricing calculator and rate table above to estimate your monthly cost.

  • How does LBU Consumption work?


    LBUs are consumed when an image, text file, etc. is uploaded to the Catalog. To safeguard against unintended uploads, the Catalog offers a 7-day grace period. Any unused data rows removed within the grace period will not consume LBU. It's important to note, however, that if a data row within the Catalog is marked as 'labeled' during this grace period, it will be considered a Catalog LBU consumption, even within the 7-day grace period.


    LBUs are consumed the first time one of two circumstances occur on a data row within your labeling project: 1) a human generated label or model prediction is approved as a ground truth label by a reviewer; or 2) the data row is marked as ‘done’ (without review) in the labeling workflow.


    LBUs are consumed the first time one of two scenarios occur on a data row: 1) the labeled data row is added to a Model Run in an Experiment; or 2) model predictions are created and submitted within Foundry.

  • What happens if I delete data? How am I charged?

    If you delete data rows from Catalog, those data rows will be removed from your total LBU count and you won’t be charged for those data rows in next month’s billing cycle. Note: Deleting data rows in Catalog will prevent usage of those data rows in Annotate and Model. 

  • What are some examples of LBU consumption across Labelbox products?

    If I upload 5 image data rows in Catalog and label them in Annotate, how many LBU will I accrue?

    During the first month, you will be charged for 5.083 LBUs – 5 LBU in Annotate (regardless of the number of annotations or labels) and 0.083 LBU in Catalog. For subsequent months, you will only be billed for 0.0833 LBU monthly.

    If I use Model Foundry to generate predictions on the same 5 data rows (with the same data row ID) During the first month, you will be charged 1 LBU for the 5 data rows in Model, regardless of the number of predictions or model runs that data row is used in. For subsequent months, you will only be billed for 0.0833 LBU monthly.

    Learn more about LBU accrual in specific scenarios across Catalog, Annotate, and Model in our documentation.    

  • What happens if I exceed my Free tier LBU limit?

    The Free tier is limited to 500 LBU per month. If you reach the Free tier limit, you will still be able to access and export all of your data in Labelbox; however, you will not be able to add any new data, labels or predictions in the current period. 

    If you wish to continue using Labelbox, you will need to upgrade to one of our paid plans. Learn more about upgrading your plan in our documentation.

  • How do I know if the Enterprise tier is right for me?

    All Labelbox plans are priced based on LBU consumption. Enterprise plans require an additional platform fee in order to access additional product features, prioritized customer support, and enhanced labeling services (see table above). 

    Discounts are available for Enterprise platform customers based on annual LBU commitments. Please contact sales to learn more.

  • Does Labelbox provide labeling services?

    Yes – Labelbox Boost provides on-demand labeling services through Boost Workforce and Boost Workforce Express, as well as complete AI services for tailored solutions including purpose-built interfaces, pipeline engineering and custom model development. 

    The Labelbox platform is designed to reduce the time it takes to label each asset, so our labelers are focused on completing tasks faster and on increasing the value of each label. Rather than paying for labeling work on a fixed label-cost model, you only pay for the time when labeling occurs. Labeling hours can either be pre-paid in blocks of 40 hours or billed monthly for annually contracted customers.

  • How does Labelbox help me spend less time and cost labeling?

    We believe that the best way to spend less on labeling is to automate your labeling process to accelerate efforts without diminishing the quality of annotations.Labelbox provides several automation techniques, most notably pre-labeling or model-assisted labeling via Foundry, to decrease labeling costs and help your model get smarter with every iteration. Teams who use model-assisted labeling at Labelbox have seen a reduction in labeling time and cost by 50-70%.

  • How secure is my data with Labelbox?

    We believe that your data should stay your data. We don’t use customer data in any tier, so you never have to worry about us using your data to power proprietary models. We go even further by allowing everyone to integrate their cloud buckets via IAM Delegated Access to keep your raw data in your own cloud storage service.If you’re interested in additional security measures, we offer add-ons such as SSO and HIPAA for our Standard and Enterprise tiers (see table above). Learn more about Security at Labelbox.