The most powerful annotation tools at your fingertips

Designed to give you the right annotation tools for every task, Labelbox is engineered for precision and speed.

Configure data sources and types

Import data from any source and annotate the data types you need including images, video, text, audio, medical imagery, tiled imagery, and custom editor.

Leverage attachments (via asset metadata & image overlay) to provide labelers with contextual information about the asset to be labeled.

Gain visibility with analytics

Actionable analytics for team performance that show you the efficiency of your projects and labelers. Optimize for time, costs, and quality through performance tools, labeling timer, and more.

Set permission levels for labelers at the organization level or at the project-based level to manage workflows across hundreds of labelers.

Automate labeling

Use model-assisted labeling to import pre-labeled data for labeling teams to review and adjust directly. The result: savings of 50-70% in terms of annotation costs.

Orchestrate complex workflows

Tailoring your workflow allows you to drive a more effective iteration loop. Leverage Labelbox’s platform to set up your ideal workflow including:

  • Import the data you need via the Labelbox app, API, or SDK in a single secure environment
  • Prioritize how assets need to be labeled across the team via a dynamic queuing engine
  • Fine-tune your data though QA and collaboration via Issues and Comments.

Need annotation help?

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