The most powerful annotation tools at your fingertips

Designed to give you the right annotation tools for every task, Labelbox is engineered for precision and speed.

A streamlined, intuitive design makes it easy and fast

The Labelbox UI is designed to make it so that both domain experts and labelers can be productive and up and running with minimal time needed for training, onboarding, and project set up.

Leverage hotkeys, to speed up labeling workflows, including quickly searching through complex ontologies for the right tool.

Full range of assets supported

Support for any data type you need including images, video, tiled imagery, custom editor, text

The ability to use attachments (via asset metadata & image overlay) provides labelers with contextual information about the asset to be labeled.

Address edge cases quickly and efficiently

Support for real-time human-in-the-loop workflows that allow humans to correct what the ML model may not easily identify.

More ways to use Labelbox


Connect all your data, people, and processes through a single platform with a central system of record.

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Accelerate model training and increase performance with faster iterations that integrate seamlessly with your model.

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John-Isaac Clark

John-Isaac Clark
CEO, Arturo AI

Labelbox has become the foundation of our training data infrastructure. Our data science teams create high quality labeled training data with our internal domain experts as well as external labeling services, all inside Labelbox. And, the support is exceptional!

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