Turn your text into insights

Combine the power of a training data platform with text labeling tools to quickly tag text strings, conversations, paragraphs and more.

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Deliver superior results with support for these tasks:

  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Part of Speech tagging
  • Coreference resolution
  • Dependency parsing
  • Document labeling
  • Optical character recognition labeling

Example production use cases

  • Chatbot
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Eliminating disinformation
  • Product review analysis
  • Resume screening
  • Experiment design


Not all text labeling tools are created equal. Labelbox’s text labeling tools are powered by a comprehensive training data platform. Learn some of the ways our customers are benefitting the most.

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Work better together

Easily collaborate between your labelers and domain experts. Effortlessly track labeler and label performance so you’re never operating in a blackbox.

Effortless quality assurance

Drive toward agreement with consensus tooling, monitor labeling accuracy with benchmarks and set up review workflows to deliver the right training data at scale.

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Flexibility to fit your use case

Configure the label editor to your exact data structure (ontology) requirements. Custom attributes, hierarchical relationships, infinite nesting, and much more is available to tailor-fit your needs.

Label faster than ever before

Import pre-labeled data for labeling teams to review and adjust directly. The result: savings of 50-70% in annotation costs with model-assisted labeling.

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edward kim

Edward Kim
Head of labeling operations, Sharper Shape

With the streamlined design of Labelbox, we are able to cut costs on labeling by as much as 50% while maintaining the highest quality in our training data, and get to training our models faster.