Unlock your data. Unleash your AI.

The most valuable asset for fueling AI breakthroughs is your data. Supercharge how you build intelligent applications by gaining a better understanding of your data and harnessing what drives model performance.

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A better way to build intelligent applications


Visualize any type of data from any data source in one place

Labelbox products that help you explore:


Search, sort and share subsets of data. Group these datasets and select for AI processing

Labelbox products that help you organize:


Apply insights to your data using human and machine-assisted workflows

Labelbox products that help you label:


Determine the effectiveness of your data within your AI models

Labelbox products that help you train & diagnose models:

Why Labelbox?

Configurable at its core

Easily customize tasks to fit your project-specific needs with features that give you full control. Create unique review queues, flexible ontologies, and custom tasks that integrate seamlessly into your workflows.

Accelerate through automation

Employ automation everywhere there is an opportunity to make you more efficient. Data split management, auto-segmentation and model-assisted pre-labeling give you an advantage in improving model performance with less manual effort.

Never fly blind again

Get full visibility and improve collaboration every step of the way so you can ensure data quality and secure your most valuable IP for AI. 

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