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A unified platform for enabling industrial companies to drive operational excellence with AI.

Impact across the entire value chain

Quality Control

Transform quality assurance by using AI for automating testing, enabling predictive maintenance, improving quality control, recognizing images and speech, and detecting fraud.

Warehouse Optimization

Use AI to dramatically optimize order-picking routes, considering factors such as product characteristics, picking frequency, and real-time order priorities.

Object Recognition

Utilize the latest advances in AI from drones, cameras and sensors to better perceive, locate and interact with different objects that can enhance worker safety monitoring, assembly line management, preventative maintenance, etc.

Customer Care

Enhance customer loyalty by identifying positive, negative, and neutral customer language. Quickly route requests to the right agent and reduce escalations due to sentiment detection.

Meet Labelbox: A single platform to unlock your data and unleash AI (Industrial)

Meet Labelbox: A single platform to unlock your data and unleash AI

A data-centric platform allows you to accelerate your business outcomes with AI. Labelbox is built to help you transform data into advanced AI applications, while delivering enterprise-grade security and governance for all your data.

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"Having a transparent data-centric platform that’s fluid to work with has been a transformation in how we do our work, and has been very powerful in increasing the speed of iteration, which leads to faster time to market with better insights."

- Kelly Anderson, Product Research and Development, P&G

"By using Labelbox, Blue River was able to cut our ML spend by 50% and create 2x more training data with the same budget. We saw a 300x increase in the amount of data available to us in the last 3 years and we needed to find way to prioritize what data to prioritize for our See & Spray models."

- Arjun Adhikari, Data Science, Blue River Technology

"Labelbox is extremely easy to use for helping us build more performant models by collaborating with our domain experts. The pipeline is straightforward and we just had to upload our data, customize the editor to our exact requirements, and go. We had actually budgeted a week to get it set up, but we were done in a day."

- Jake Lee, Data Science, NASA Jet Propulsion Labs