Discover Labelbox for

Retail & Ecommerce

A unified platform for enabling retailers to unlock AI in every phase of the customer journey

Impact across the entire retail value chain

Customer Care

With AI, retailers will have everything they need to understand sentiment across channels and improve customer communications. The result? Increased profitability and loyalty.

Marketing Optimization

Classify your visual assets precisely and use them effectively in global marketing campaigns to drive the right action by the right audience.

Stock Optimization

Intelligently analyze massive amounts of real-time data to understand shelf conditions, prioritize workflows to remedy disruptions, and deliver insight-based recommendations to achieve new levels of on-shelf availability and operational excellence.

Meet Labelbox: A single platform to unlock your data and unleash AI (Retail)

Meet Labelbox: A single platform to unlock your data and unleash AI

A data-centric platform allows you to accelerate your business outcomes with AI. Labelbox is built to help you transform data into advanced AI applications, while delivering enterprise-grade security and governance for all your data.

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"Conversational AI is a very exciting and challenging field, because large language models are extremely sensitive to data quality. Labelbox is a gamechanger because of the quality of the labels we can now acquire for our models. It’s hard to imagine a life now without Labelbox.”

- Philippe Hanrigou, Director of Data Science, Walmart

"Data is the lifeblood and one of the foundation blocks of how we're able to deliver superior products to consumers. So it's incredibly important that we safeguard it. When it comes to data privacy and information security, it's non-negotiable, because our consumers, customers, and partners put so much trust in us.”

- Mercy Chang, Senior Purchasing Manager, Procter & Gamble.

“With Labelbox, we’re able to realize our full ambition of creatively led, data-driven content creation. Labelbox continually gives our team insights on how to optimize our marketing campaigns.”

– Ben Halsall, Analytics Technology Director, Burberry