Leading healthcare and life sciences companies use machine learning for image analysis, DNA sequencing, cell classification, and more. Healthcare experts can save time by relying on AI-driven solutions for patient identification, diagnosis, and system analyses. Developing reliable models that support these vital functions requires large amounts of high quality training data – and Labelbox can deliver it. Our platform brings together your data, people, and processes to efficiently create training data, so your ML models become performant, fast.
Caption Health

Example production use cases

  • Digital pathlogy
  • Patient identification
  • Robotic surgery
  • Medical imaging
  • Drug development
  • Teeth health detection

How Genentech develops data for medical imagery ML

Genentech has revolutionized their ML process by having domain experts train teams of labelers on medical imagery annotation tasks.

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Daniel Rechsteiner

Daniel Rechsteiner
Imaging Technology Manager, Bayer

Labelbox serves all of our training data needs. The team is very responsive and have provided exceptional support.